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We all want raving fans

Raving fans means we gave them the best experience possible, and it is one of the best ways to get new clients. While it is possible to “go viral”, the best model is to consistently ask your customers to tell you their stories in a review so the world can see it. While a 5 star rating is awesome, people often make decisions off of a specific story in the review. And we’re here to help cultivate that environment and customer engagement for you 


Improve your overall ratings

Whether positive or negative, you should address as many reviews as possible. This means a consistent management of the the 75+ listing and review sites as possible. Of course, we first address the most popular review sites where your customers currently are.

The opportunity in negative reviews

I cannot overstate how much of a golden opportunity a negative review can be when it's handled correctly. A thoughtful response can build amazing credibility even if the reviewer never changes their rating or review.

Getting more reviews

The first place to start is with your current customer base. These are the people coming back to you on a regular basis already, so clearly they love your product. The easiest thing to do is to coordinate a small campaign to ask for more reviews and ask consistently.

Getting actionable feedback

In asking for more reviews and addressing positive or negative reviews, you have the ability to learn so much about what you can do to provide an improved customer experience and your customer success story with your products or services.

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