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Let's get social

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, then maybe you’ve never heard about social media. But I’m guessing you’ve at least heard about it…

…Maybe you’re not great at it, but you dabble occasionally…or you’ve put a couple of small campaigns together.

To have consistent impact, you have to ensure your campaigns are:

  • On the social media platforms your customers are using
  • Choose the correct media for your content
  • Have engaging calls to action
  • Stay patient with an integrated, strategic plan

And we can do all of that…and more!

Hang out with your customers

In order to engage with your customers, you have to be hanging out where they are. That's why choosing the platforms that your customers are currently using. There's no doubt Facebook and YouTube are the dominant platforms, but where else are your BUYING customers hanging out? Without a plan, you'll never know.

Your on a mission

Of course, hanging out is fun, but you're there to have your customers take action. And make no mistake, people want to buy, they just don't want to be sold to. Engaging call-to-action are vital to getting customers to take action on a social media platform.

Choose content wisely

Ever wonder why your brilliant post was seen by 3 people? Likely, it didn't have a relevant image to catch the eyes of your customers. Every platform was designed for a specific way to interact with people...which means you need to speak the language of your customers. It's the integrated approach

Planning with patience

The social media landscape is always changing. A strategic content plan helps to move with those trends, and engage effectively. As with any marketing, consistency is the vital element, but consistency in execute a strategy takes patience. It always will whether you handle your social media engagement or hire it out to the pros.

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